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Tax return

These include:

  • Income tax return
  • Corporate income tax return
  • Business tax return
  • Value added tax return
  • Statement on the separate and uniform determination of bases for taxation (GuE)

These include:

  • Income and expenditure statement (EÜR)
  • Annual reports according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Tax balance sheets including fiscal evaluations
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Deferred taxes under HGB & IFRS
  • Electronic balance sheets
  • Filing with and disclosure to the Federal Gazette


Annual report


Payroll accounting

Your payroll specialist:

  • Special analyses besides payroll accounting
    (e.g. personnel costs, determination of hourly rates, department-specific analyses)
  • Reports and statistics as a basis for management information systems and management of personnel placement and costs (e.g. cost centre and vacation statistics)
  • Preliminary payroll calculations
  • Archiving and storage of payroll information
  • Efficiency enhancement based on special analyses
  • Focus on core tasks and strategical questions
  • saves you the effort of sending reports and filling in applications, e.g. for the surcharge for non-employment of disabled persons, or the application for payment of compensation for reduced income

Accounting and controlling:

  • Keeping of general and subsidiary ledgers in DATEV
  • Open item accounting including dunning notice evaluation
  • Controlling report
  • Cost centre accounting
  • Company online
  • Link to external and upstream systems (e.g. SAP, SAGE, Navision, Lexware)


Administrative accounting


Tax defence consulting services

Tax defence consulting:

  • Examination of tax assessment notices
  • Filing objections
  • Filing lawsuits before the fiscal courts
  • Filing appeals with the Federal Fiscal Court
  • Assistance and support in external audits conducted by the fiscal authorities
  • Assistance and support in special audits conducted by the fiscal authorities
  • Assistance and support in federal audits conducted by the Federal Central Tax Office and the Federal Ministry of Finance